KIIS CBD Infused Honey 500mg

If you like honey, you will love KIIS CBD Infused Honey. It’s loaded with all the benefits of honey, combined with the healing properties of CBD oil. Plus, it doesn’t get you high (it’s completely legal to take!)

The benefits of CBD infused honey. 

So, why should you even bother taking CBD infused honey to begin with? Well, here’s the simple reason: You get the benefits of both honey and CBD combined. There are so many health benefits for both CBD and honey, it just makes sense to combine the two. Plus, CBD honey is easier to ingest than straight-up CBD oil: It mixes well with the oil and tastes a lot better (and sweeter).

Here are a few benefits of taking CBD infused honey:

Easy to ingest: The honey makes it tasty and versatile: You can eat it raw, by a spoonful, or mix it into your tea.

No psychoactive properties: Since the honey is infused with CBD (and no THC), it does not give you a “high”, thus making it completely legal.

Best of both worlds: You get all the benefits of CBD oil and the benefits of honey in one spoonful. Both offer several health benefits, and combining them together makes CBD infused honey a powerhouse.

Honey benefits:

Loaded with antioxidants and minerals: Honey is packed with good-for-you components like active enzymes, B vitamins, minerals, and antibacterial properties. A 1-ounce serving contains some folate, and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and even C. Minerals include iron, iodine, copper, calcium, zinc, sodium, selenium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, and magnesium.

Cough suppressant: Perhaps one of the best benefits of local raw honey is that it’s great at suppressing a cough! It’s especially good at treating upper respiratory infections.

Allergy protection: If you suffer from spring or fall allergies, you might want to consider eating some local raw honey. When honey is harvested as close as possible to where you live, it may help you build an immunity to seasonal allergies.

Conclusion: CBD infused honey

Alone, CBD oil and honey are powerful but combined, they are superb. Both honey and CBD oil work well together to provide double the benefits: Someone suffering from chronic pain can also relieve allergy symptoms by taking CBD honey. Or, someone who has a bad cough could benefit from CBD honey. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some ways we recommend taking KIIS CBD Infused Honey:

Start out with one spoonful per day (if you have trouble sleeping, take a teaspoon at night: It will also help you sleep).
Add it to your tea for a sweet, relaxing drink.
You can also spread it on just about anything: Toast, bagels, you name it.
Add it to any recipe that calls for honey for added health benefits.
Mmmm yummy!! So what are you waiting for! Try out this delicious honey for yourself and be honey KIISED. 💋